Casinos In Comedy TV Shows

Casinos and gambling can be seen as themes in several different television shows. It is most common in situation comedies. This is likely due to the fact that casino games offer the chance for humorous scenarios to ensue in fiction.

The US Office

The Office is a mockumentary that depicts life inside a paper company. In the episode “Casino Night” the characters hold a charity gambling event. One of the accountants, Kevin is confident in his poker playing abilities. He states that he won a No-Limit Deuce-to-Seven-Draw Tournament in Las Vegas.

Rick And Morty

In this science fiction sitcom a mad scientist and his reluctant grandson go on adventures through outer space. In one episode they go to an intergalactic theme park called Blips and Chitz. This building has arcade games that utilise advanced technology like virtual reality.

It is also heavily implied that Blips and Chitz is a casino. In the background there are several games where aliens appear to be placing bets. Rather than engage in Earth bound gambling activities these creatures play stranger ones.

Malcolm In The Middle

This comedy show follows a teenage boy and his family. Gambling is seen in a number of episodes. One of these is entitled “Casino”. It sees Malcolm and his father Hal go on holiday to an Indian reservation. Once they enter a casino Hal begins enjoying blackjack. However, like most episodes Hal’s happiness is interrupted by Malcolm and they go on a madcap adventure.

In the episodes “Poker” and “Poker 2” some of the characters create their own makeshift casinos. This is so that they can host poker nights with friends. The first poker night is held at the home of Hal’s associate Abe. In the next episode Hal gets to host it at his own house.

The Simpsons

There are few TV shows that have had such a big cultural impact as the Simpsons. In a memorable episode the town millionaire, Mr. Burns builds a new casino. Homer gets a high paying job as a dealer there. Meanwhile, Marge enjoys playing on the slot machines.