Blade Runner 2049 Casinos

Will casinos continue to stand the test of time in the future? That is one of the questions discussed in the science fiction action film Blade Runner 2049. A large chunk of the storyline takes place in a fictionalised version of Las Vegas.

The universe where Blade Runner is set combines the cultures of people from all over the world. There is also a mixture of old and new technology and architecture. This can be seen in the depiction of casinos.

When a detective called Agent K embarks on an investigation, he is taken to Nevada, where he meets Deckard, the protagonist of the first Blade Runner film. Deckard has been hiding inside a casino. As Agent K explores the interior, we get to see how future tech has transformed these gambling establishments.

According to the film, the human race has spread across the galaxy thanks to interstellar travel. It is highly likely that there are now casinos on other planets and space stations. Gambling is a fun activity which appears to have continued to be enjoyed by future humans.


Many casinos in real life have areas where guests can watch live shows. The ones in Blade Runner have ingenious holographic light projects. This means that virtual performers can suddenly appear and entertain audiences.

For instance, in one scene, chorus dancers appear on tables and seconds later, ones in different outfits replace them. This allows audiences to instantly choose the type of dancer which they want to see. These holographic projections are extended to famous faces as well.

During a tense scene, Agent K is hiding in a room when a digital version of Elvis appears in the background. Moments later Marilyn Monroe takes his place. There is an implication that any musical artist from history can be viewed in this way.

The Las Vegas of the Blade Runner universe has colossal statues and strangely curved skyscrapers. This is likely due to the city wanting to keep up with changing tastes. The fact that they can afford this renovation shows how prosperous casinos will be in the near future.